NOVA 3: Freedom Edition 2022 綠色地址

智能手機上最身臨其境、最令人印象深刻的科幻 FPS 系列又回來了!

NOVA 3 遊戲
智能手機上最具沉浸感和令人印象深刻的科幻第一人稱射擊遊戲現已完全免費! 為人類的生存而戰!

在 Kal Wardin 擊敗 Volterites 四個月後,Folsom 總統被暗殺,陷入困境的殖民地向 Volterite Protectorate 投降。


• 史詩般的故事情節:流亡多年的人類終於重返地球! 從飽受戰爭蹂躪的地球到冰凍的 Volterite 城市,在銀河系的 10 個身臨其境的關卡中戰鬥。
• 多種武器和能力:奔跑、射擊、駕駛車輛和駕駛機甲來擊敗成群結隊的敵人。
• 在7 種不同的地圖上加入7 種多人遊戲模式(奪取據點、混戰、奪旗等)的12 人戰鬥。
• 第一次,多個盟友可以跳入同一輛車並在戰場上散佈破壞。

The most immersive and impressive sci-fi FPS franchise on smartphones is now completely free! Fight for humankind’s survival!

Four months after Kal Wardin defeated the Volterites, President Folsom is assassinated and the beleaguered colonies surrender to the Volterite Protectorate.

Since then, Kal has been lying low, but a desperate plea from Yelena calls him back to save Earth and humankind…

• An epic storyline: Humanity finally returns to Earth after years of exile! Fight in 10 immersive levels across the galaxy, from a war-torn Earth to a frozen Volterite city.
• Multiple weapons and powers: Run, shoot, drive vehicles, and pilot a mech to defeat hordes of enemies.
• Join 12-player battles in 7 multiplayer modes (Capture the Point, Free-for-All, Capture the Flag, etc.) on 7 different maps.
• For the first time, multiple allies can jump inside the same vehicle and spread destruction on the battlefield.

NOVA 3: Freedom Edition

NOVA 3: Freedom Edition 2022 綠色地址